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GREAT10 Wiki


The purpose of this workspace is to host information for the GRavitational lEnsing Accuracy Testing 2010 (GREAT10) simulation challenge.


The challenge is now closed, however the data, presentations and further information is available for continued development.


For results and information please refer to the articles linked below.


If any information is used in a publication you must cite Kitching et al. 2011, 2012a, 2012b (the GREAT10 handbook, the Galaxy challenge and Star challenge results articles). Authors may also wish to reference the Mapping Dark Matter challenge.



GREAT10 Handbook

Galaxy Challenge Article

Star Challenge Article



GREAT10 Data



GREAT10 Presentations



Method Descriptions Here 



Uploaded Code



Cross Links :




In the News : 







Contact tdk@roe.ac.uk  for more information


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